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Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio is a communications service consisting of operators licensed and regulated in the United States by the Federal Communications Commission. Amateur radio operators, by regulation engage in emergency and other public service communications, maintain technical skills, and foster international good will via communications.

My personal interest in amateur radio focuses on research into and education about antennas and antenna modeling. The listings on this page link to some past and present research (and to some past research updated before posting on these pages). Since these are essentially working notebooks and not polished articles (for the most part), they may contain typos, misspellings, and a few grammatical infelicities. Moreover, they are subject to revision and updating whenever I discover something more accurate, more useful, or more interesting.

Tales and Technicals:
A Little History and a Lot of Antennas

From time-to-time, I shall post some yarns, mostly taken from my collection of old books, manuals, magazines, and handbooks. I shall also occasionally post from the pages of my notebooks some technical information that may be of use to fellow and prospective hams. Since these are notes and some reprints of casual articles, there will be considerable overlap in places--and many large gaps in other areas. Nevertheless, let's begin with these items:

A Little History (and A Little Humor)

Antenna Modeling Notes

Practical Antenna Notes: Lower HF (Mainly)

Practical Antenna Notes: Upper HF (Mainly)

Practical Antenna Notes: VHF/UHF (Mainly)

Transmission Lines and Impedance Coupling

Continuing Series

Links to Other Antenna Information

I have left the pages of links intact. Although they will not work as links, you may uncover the URLs of some very useful sites by moving the cursor to the indicated link.

These links carry a lot of valuable information and ideas, ranging from antenna fundamentals to advanced topics in antenna design, modeling, feeding, and building. In addition, some provide links to other sites.

Commercial Antenna Manufacturers and Vendors: A collection on known sources, offered because these pages often contain educational as well as commercial information.

Other Amateur Radio Links: A small collection of links to organizations and linkage sites to help you find other good sources of information.

It has been my high pleasure to receive e-mail and regular mail that suggests these materials are of educational and technical service to a broad spectrum of individuals, both in the United States and around the world. Numerous items have appeared in the newsletters and other publications of amateur radio groups. The formal and informal distribution of some of the material, both as written and in translation, in areas where bound publications are unavailable or prohibitively expensive suggests that the energies used to develop and place some of the notes has been productive. So much to learn and so little time to learn it, but always time to share what I have learned along the way--lest it be lost.

Other information will be made available on these pages as time goes by. For now,




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