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Links to Some Other Notable Antenna Sites

These links carry a lot of valuable information and ideas, ranging from antenna fundamentals to advanced topics in antenna design, modeling, feeding, and building. In addition, some provide links to other sites, including manufacturers and dealers

John Reynolds, G3PTO, provides another fine British antenna web site. Actually, antennas are only one portion (but an important portion) of John's collection of useful information for QRPers and other operators.

Kevin Schmidt, W9CF, has placed at his site a consider number of papers on tuners, baluns, networks, antennas, and related topics, along with some interesting and instructive applets for users to download. The material is advanced, with a strong mathematical element throughout.

Aaron Schmitz, KB0YKI, maintains several pages of good basic construction information on some useful antennas for VHF/FM work.

Phil Karras, KE3FL, maintains a diverse set of web pages which include some very useful, downloadable software on power output, SWR bandwidth, J-poles, and other subjects.

Mike Banz, AA3RL, has some interesting studies of dipoles, both vertical and and horizontal, at his site, along with the results of tests with a commercial multi-band vertical antenna. Also featured is a spreadsheet transmission line calculator that you can down load without cost.

Commercial Antenna Manufacturers and Vendors: A collection on known sources, offered because these pages often contain educational as well as commercial information.

Other Amateur Radio Links: A collection of links to organizations and linkage sites to help you find other good sources of information.

updated 03-12-2000

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