L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

The following series of articles was originally prepared for publication in Low Down, the journal of the Colorado QRP Club. The series is designed to present fundamental antenna information, concentrating most fully on lower HF band wire antennas and related topics, to QRP operators. The series will grow with time, since numerous items are already prepared. However, they will not be listed here until they appear in Low Down. If highlighted, the listed item is available.

  1. Where Do Antennas Fit in Your Communications System?

  2. The Resonant Half-Wavelength Center-Fed Antenna

  3. Azimuth, Elevation, and Antenna Modeling

  4. Making a Dipole Fit the Space Available

  5. A 135' Center-Fed Multi-Band Dipole Data Compendium

  6. A 102' Center-Fed Multi-Band Dipole Data Compendium

  7. How to Make Your Tuner Work on Every Band

  8. Horizontal vs. Vertical Antennas on the Low HF Bands

  9. Fundamentals of Off-Center-Fed Dipoles

  10. Harmonic Operation of OCFs

  11. A 135' Off-Center-Fed Multi-Band Dipole Data Compendium

  12. A 135' End-Fed Multi-Band Dipole Data Compendium

  13. What Happens Along a Length of Feedline

  14. ATUs, Delta, and Tuner Losses

  15. More on ATUs, Delta, and Losses

  16. Noise, Antennas, and Receiving Systems

  17. Vertically-Oriented, Horizontally Polarized 1 wl Loops

  18. Multiband Use of VOHPLs

  19. Vertically Oriented, Vertically Polarized 1 wl Loops

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