What Can We Expect From a 2-Element Beam?

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

I have heard lots of 2-element Yagi performance numbers bandied about over the years. Some are reasonable and well explained. Some are reasonable, but not well-explained. Some are unreasonable and demand explanation. The numbers are disparate enough to keep 2-element Yagi performance a mystery.

Having modeled and built a very large number of 2-element Yagis over the years, I thought a refresher might be in order, if only to clarify what count as reasonable expectations. The information is available in almost any solid reference, but perhaps a different type of presentation might by useful. If this is your first entry to these notes, I recommend that you read the parts in order.

The refresher is long and broken into a number of sections. It is at present unillustrated, but contains extensive tables. Illustrations may be added later, time permitting.


Part 1: Method, Units of Measure, and the Dipole Standard of Reference

Part 2: The Full-Size 2-Element Yagi

Part 3: Shortened Dipoles and Capacity Hat Yagis

Part 4: Loaded Yagis

Part 5: Strategies for Improving Forward and Rearward Performance

Updated 5-9-97. L. B. Cebik, W4RNL. Data may be used for personal purposes, but may not be reproduced for publication in print or any other medium without permission of the author.

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