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ANTENTOP- 02- 2003, # 003

Jagadis Chandra Bose


prisms, and even semiconductor detectors of electromagnetic radiation - were invented and used in the last decade of the nineteenth century. At about the end of the nineteenth century, many of the workers in this area simply became interested in other topics. Attention of the wireless experimenters of the time became focused on much longer wavelengths which eventually, with the help of the then unknown ionosphere, were able to support signalling at very much greater distances.

Although it appears that Bose's demonstration of remote wireless signalling has priority over Marconi, he was the first to use a semiconductor junction to detect radio waves, and he invented various now commonplace microwave components, outside of India he is rarely given the deserved recognition. Further work at millimeter wavelengths was almost nonexistent for nearly 50 years. J.C. Bose was at least this much ahead of his time.



I wish to thank the Bose Institute in Calcutta for help with material, and for permission in 1985 to photograph some of the original equipment of J.C. Bose, including the photographs shown from Figures 4 to 14 in this article. I thank Mrs. Nancy Clarke for help in preparing the manuscript.



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