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Two Wires Beverage Antenna

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2017 # 021

Two Wires Beverage Antenna



At the feeding terminals I used two wires line with 450 Ohm wave impedance just because I had some stock of the home made struts for the two wires line. At the antenna end the two wires line was made by antenna design suitable for the place.


9:1 (450:50 Ohm) transformer used in the antenna feeding terminals was a homebrew one that was similar to described in the Reference 3. Figure 7 shows picture of the transformer. Transformer was installed under the two wires line in plastic food container. Figure 8 shows the transformer in the plastic food container.


Some tricky things about antenna termination load. I used three termination loads in my experimenters with the Two Wires Beverage Antenna. First one was a home brew 450 Ohm load made from 45 each metal oxide film resistors in 4k7/2W that were connected in double bridge. Figure 9 shows the termination load. The second one was a termination load made from 10 each wire bound resistors in 4k7/5W soldered to bridge.




Figure 6

Two Wires Line at the Antenna Feeding Termination Load


Figure 10 shows the termination load. However to my surprise the best working one (I oriented on the SWR in coaxial cable feeding the antenna) was a Can Termination Load in 50- Ohm that was connected to the antenna through 9:1 transformer. The transformer was the similar to those one shown in the Figure 7. The Can Load was bought by me in one of the ham flee market in Ontario for 5 CAD. Transformer at the antenna end was installed in a food container and the termination load was installed in a plastic tool box. Figure 11 shows the transformer and load on the antenna end. Ground system from fence Beverage Antenna (Reference 3, 4) was used with the Two Wires Beverage Antenna.




Figure 9

450 Ohm load made from 45 each Resistor in 4k7



Figure 7

9:1 Transformer (450:50 Ohm)



Figure 8

9:1 Transformer in Plastic Container

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