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ANTENTOP- 01- 2017 # 021

Two Wires Beverage Antenna



So I decided to install on my backyard the design of Two Wires Beverage Antenna with Two Wires Open Line. It allows me eliminate industrial noise from home electrical equipment receiving by vertical parts placing near my home. Of course, the antenna was installed with taking into account local conditions and final design was far away from the classic one. Figure 3 shows my Two Wires Beverage Antenna. Two wires line from the feeding end going athwart to antenna wires. It was possible to me in the antenna design and allows eliminate the noise receiving by the vertical part of the antenna from the home electrical equipment. Two wires line on the antenna end was placed at some angle to the antenna wires because there was no such strong electrical noise in the place. Shape of my antenna was close to diamond not to rectangle.


The antenna and two wires open line was made from 16-AWG strand Black wire in plastic insulation. The wire is used for Ground Wire in the electrical job. For some unknown for me reason the wire is very often on sale (in small coils on 20- 40 meters) in my local Home Depot Store that gives me some stuff for my antenna experimenters. Two wires open line going from the transformer to the antenna wires has 450 Ohm wave impedance. Figure 4 shows design of the line. Pieces of PCB were used for struts in the line. Figure 5 shows picture of the two wires line. Two wire line going to the termination load shows in the Figure 6. The line has wave impedance close to 800 Ohm. By the way the value of the wave impedance for the two wire line at the antenna feeding terminals and at the load terminals did not connected with Beverage Antenna input impedance and value of the termination load.


Figure 4

Design of Two wires Line



Figure 5

Two Wires Line




Figure 3

My Design of Two Wires Antenna Beverage with Two Wires Open Line

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