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Two Wires Beverage Antenna

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2017 # 021

Two Wires Beverage Antenna



Two Wires Beverage Antenna




Igor Grigorov, VA3ZNW



Two Wires Beverage Antenna was well known in the former USSR where the antenna was widely used on the HF receiving centers both military and civil ones.  Prototype of the antenna is described in Reference 1. Figure 1 shows Two Wires Beverage antenna as it shown in the Reference 1. The advantages of the Two Wires Beverage Antenna is low compare to one wire Beverage Antenna input impedance that allows reach better matching of the Two Wires Beverage antenna compare to one wire one in the broad band of frequencies, of course compare to one wire Beverage antenna.  Two Wires Beverage Antenna has higher gain compare to one wire Beverage antenna. The features are most valuable when we need get receiving of weak signals that is why Two Wires Beverage antenna was widely used on the receiving centers.

Reference 2 described 4,-  6,- and ever 8 wires Beverage Antennas that were used on the USSR HF receiving centers.


I have in my papers a sketch of a Two Wires Beverage Antenna that was used in one of receiving center in the USSR. I draw the sketch in the far 80s in the receiving center placed in central Russia. Figure 2 shows design the Two Wires Beverage Antenna. In the antenna matching transformer and termination load was connected to the wires of the antenna with help of a two wires open line. As I was told by a radio man from the receiving center such antenna design allows eliminate antenna effect of the vertical parts of the antenna (vertical wires going to the transformer and to the termination load).



Figure 1

Two Wire Beverage Antenna




Figure 2

Two Wires Beverage Antenna of the Receiving HF Center of the USSR

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