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History of LF-Bands

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

History of LF-Bands







ZL New Zeland gets LF (165-190kHz) band - 5w EIRP








Concluding the preparatory ITU-CCIR studies to WARC-79 the desirability of LF small secondary access was emphasised by SPM-WARC79 (Special Preparatory Meeting -of the ITU to WARC); however WARC-79 ran out of time and the subject was left unresolved







Jan 74


The Long Wave Club of America (LWCA) "was organized in January, 1974 to promote both DXing and experimenting on frequencies below 550 kHz..."








First? beacon on 187kHz under FCC part 15 (Dexter W4DEX)









W United States gets LF (160-190kHz) band - beacons limited to 1w output and a 15 meter antenna under FCC part 15









First Transatlantic reception (G.Marconi in St John's, Newfoundland, Canada RX Poldhu Cove in Cornwall, England) 3425km








Guglielmo Marconi(25.04.1874-20.07.1937) and A.S.Popov(16.03.1859-31.12.1905) started with LF




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