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History of LF-Bands

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

History of LF-Bands




It is very excellent stock of date for LF- Bands collected by Ed, RU6LA. Ed is well known as an enthusiast of the 1360kHz LF-Band, Ed is the first man who have made the First Asia-Europe QSO at 136-kHz, Ed is… well, I am afraid, there is no place enough to write up all that Ed have made for amateur radio. Just look at his new work for us, the History of LF-Bands.


73! I.G.





Many facts are found in excellent LF news archives by Dave G3YXM Also TNX: AMRAD, Marcus DF6NM, Geri DK8KW, Laurie G3AQC, Mal G3KEV, Peter G3LDO, John G3WKL, Reino OH1TN, Rik ON7YD, Dexter W4DEX.









At the RSGB HF convention at Manchester, UK Laurence KL1X-GM4DMA received the Nevada Cup for his innovation and general helpfulness to LFers in 2002-2003 season





First Alaska's WD2XDW beacon. Laurence KL1X (BP41XD) has started a beacon tests in 137.7738kHz at 2W ERP




RIP 73kHz and last QSO on this band (Peter G3LDO - Mike G3XDV)




First LF DXpedition to Africa (Laurence GM4DMA-KL1X to 9G Ghana)





FCC refuses 136kHz. The USA will not have a 136kHz allocation in the near future. Next WRC 2007?




First reception of Oceania signal in Asia (RU6LA@UA9OC RX ZL6QH)




First reception of Asia signal in Oceania (Bob ZL2CA RX RU6LA@UA9OC)




First 2-way QSO Europe - Asia (RU6LA@UA9OC - RU6LWZ QRSS & CW)




First LF DXpedition to Asia (RU6LA & UA9OC to Siberia)




First reception of Europe signal in Alaska (Laurence KL1X RX Laurie G3AQC)





First reception in South America on 136kHz (LU8EDR and LU8DYK RX Marcelo LW2ETU)



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