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History of LF-Bands

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

History of LF-Bands


Mar 98 ON Belgium gets 136kHz band - A1A, 2kW Output



Mar 98

LX Luxembourg gets 136kHz band



30.01. 98

Gx United Kingdom to get 136kHz band



Jan 98

EI Ireland gets 136kHz band



1.01. 98

HB Switzerland gets 136kHz band







Sep 97


At the RSGB HF convention Andy G4JNT received the Datong Electronics Cup (the RSGB Experimenters Award sponsored by Datong Electronics ltd) for his innovation and general helpfulness to LFers




LA Norway gets 136kHz band - A1A, 100W Output



23.08. 97

First "DX" 2-way QSO on 73kHz. (Andy G4JNT& Peter G3LDO at 57km distance)




First 2-way QRSS QSO (Andy G4JNT & G3PLX on 72.09kHz., QRSS100 at 393km distance)



22.04. 97

First 2-way CW QSO on 137kHz (Reino OH1TN & Riso OH3LYG)



Apr 97

Official CEPT/ERC Recommendation 62-01E (WGFM meeting in Mainz): " 135.7-137.8 kHz may be used with a maximum e.r.p. of 1 Watt on a secondary basis by the Amateur Service in CEPT countries"



12.04. 97

First "DX" QSX QSO on 73kHz. (G3YGF RX Andy G4JNT at 100km distance)




OH Finland gets 136kHz band - 100W Output



14.02. 97

First 2-way QSO on 73kHz. (Mike G3XDV & Peter G3LDO/p at 175m distance, CW)







Dec 96


At the WGFM meeting: 135.7-137.8 kHz (one of channal of Trans-Europian electric power systems at 139kHz)



Sep 96

WGFM-PT22 were summarised in the document FM(96)123 135.7-141.4 kHz to WGFM meeting



July 96

Gx United Kingdom gets 73kHz (71.6...74.4) band



Feb 96


At the WGFM (Working Group Frequency Management - of the CEPT-ERC) meeting the proposal was re-issued. The WGFM invited its monitoring sub-group PT-22 to search for an alternative in the 130-150 kHz area







Dec 95


At the WGFM (Working Group Frequency Management - of the CEPT-ERC) meeting (Sofia), the German administration referred to the IARU recommendation and announced the proposal for the Europian harmonised secondary amateur segment 142-147kHz









VK Australia gets LF (165-190kHz) band - ?


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