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History of LF-Bands

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

History of LF-Bands


5...19.02.01 Firsts 2-way QSOs North America - Europe (Larry VA3LK - Laurie G3AQC 5..19 Feb and John VE1ZJ / Jack VE1ZZ - Peter G3LDO 13 Feb)




LA Norway gets frequencies below 9kHz








First 2-way narrow audio (Slow-Voice) QSO (Markus DF6NM - Geri DK8KW)




Alberto I2PHD has started project FFT software "ARGO" Beta 1, build 110




First reception of North America signal in Europe (Peter G3LDO RX Jack VE1ZZ)





At the RSGB HF convention at Old Windsor, UK David G0MRF received the Nevada Cup for his innovation and general helpfulness to LFers. David was also presented with a Peter Bobek award for his trans-Atlantic crossband contact with VE1ZJ



Sep 00

Wolf DL4YHF has started project FFT software "Spectrum Lab" or SpecLab





In first Alan G3NYK takes regular plots of CFH (Halifax Nova Scotia, 137kHz) reception of North America signal in Europe




First reception of Europe signal in North America (John VE1ZJ RX David G0MRF/p)




EA Spain gets 136kHz band





Brian CT1DRP has permission to operate in the CEPT band from both his QTHs until November 2001




First 2-way QSO in North America (Mitch VE3OT & Larry VA3LK)





Three German stations; DJ2LF, DF6NM and DK8KW have been issued with permits to operate between 8.9 and 9.0 kHz




Petr OK1FIG has built a new front end for the Spectrogram engine "EasyGram"




First beacon tests (176.5...184.5kHz) from VK / ZL




First TX Hell by Andy G4JNT




F France & other Fx gets 136kHz band official





Larry VA3LK has a special permit to operate the 136kHz band from VO1. This is with a view to what he has called "Transatlantic II", an attempt at the first transatlantic QSO on amateur LF at Nov 2000



Mar 00


First attemp 2-way QSO VK / ZL on 165-190kHz (ZL6HQ & special AX2TAR - VK7ZAL) Signals were heard both ways at various times but no QSO took place



Jan 00


RadCom (RSGB) has published a Band plan in 136kHz band (in October 1999 Geri DK8KW has presented similar on RSGB HF Convention )





First transmission the VLF radio station in Grimeton for HAMs. The frequency is 17.2 kHz and the call sign is SAQ




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