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History of LF-Bands

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

History of LF-Bands







First 2-way DFCW QSO (Rik ON7YD & Marcus DF6NM)





At the RSGB HF convention at Windsor, UK Dave G3YXM received the Nevada Cup (the RSGB Experimenters Award sponsored by Nevada of Portsmouth) for his innovation and general helpfulness to LFers in 1998-1999 season.



Aug 99

The first LF column written by Dave G3YXM in RadCom (RSGB)



June 99


LF forum in Friedrichshafen (DL) has accepted the decision to found award for the first transatlantic QSO on LF in memory to Peter Bobek DJ8WL/DA0LF(SK Apr 99) , for his work on 160m and 136kHz



May 99

F France gets 136kHz band



23.04. 99

OE Austria gets 136kHz band - A1A, A1B, 1W ERP




SM Sweden gets 136kHz band - 1W ERP



22.03. 99

First 2-way PSK31QSO on 137kHz (Reino OH1TN & Riso OH3LYG)





FCC has granted a one-year experimental license to the Amateur Radio Research and Development Corporation (AMRAD) to conduct tests on the frequency 136.75 kHz using the call sign WA2XTF..."



Feb 99


First commercial 136 rig by Nevada, now have stock of the "Ropex" 136 TX. It is crystal controlled, runs on 12V and produces 30 or 130W of RF. It costs less than £200.





First Transatlantic beacon tests (members of AMRAD are RX and europians HAMs are TX) and foto



Jan 99

DL Germany gets 136kHz band



Jan 99

First reception of Europe signal in Africa (Rik ON7YD/EA8 RX Marco IK1ODO in QRSS)







Nov 98

Rik ON7YD has started project software for TX QRS V 1.08



Sep 98


At the RSGB HF convention John G3TDZ received the Datong Electronics Cup for his innovation and general helpfulness to LFers



24.08. 98

First 2-way SSTV QSO on 136kHz (Reino OH1TN & Riso OH3LYG)



24.08. 98

First 2-way SSB QSO on 136kHz (Reino OH1TN & Riso OH3LYG)




UA Russia gets 136kHz band - A1A, 100W Output




S5 Slovenia gets 136kHz band - A1A, 100W Output



Jun 98

PA Netherlands gets 136kHz band - A1A, 400W Output



May 98

First LF DXpedition (Dave G3YXM to GM New Galloway, Scotland)



Apr 98


I Italy gets 136kHz band


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