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ANTENTOP- 01- 2017 # 021

Stealth Antennas for Amateur Radio



10.Patio Umbrella Loop

Seems patio furniture is not uncommon to use at condos with backyard patios, apartment dwellers with balconies or even the HOA homeowners with attached decks. Therefore while a protruding vertical may not always prove to be a viable option, we may consider using a horizontal loop carefully woven into the covering material on the outside overhanging edge of the patio umbrella.


First we need to consider most of the patio umbrellas that are commonly sold and included with patio furniture in “sets” will not do as they are not very large enough in terms of outside diameter to accommodate an antenna loop. However, some patio umbrellas can be separately acquired and these are quite large when fully deployed. These one’s are typically found available at home supply stores for around $100 or so. These will come with a very sturdy pole and are sometimes attached to large “Y” shaped steel tubes which sit directly on the ground below which offer the umbrella its own independent support. This means the umbrella can be moved around the yard in a portable manner which has some advantages in some instances in terms of operating the antenna loop away and in lesser proximity from the operating dwelling.

Some of these umbrellas can be permanently mounted directly to a wooden deck structure at the base using bolts. The deck mounted pole option would serve to place the antenna loop higher off the ground. Others may utilize other mounting or support methods. These umbrellas will usually have a cranking winch arrangement which serves to deploy the horizontal loop and with some umbrellas it’s even possible to tilt the loop antenna at different angles using the umbrella’s tilt function.



In conclusion, I would like to encourage you to share, circulate or publish this list with others and add your own ideas or suggestions to this list if you like. "How to" or actual photos of your own stealth antenna construction installation are a big plus and they serve to help others conceptualize your ideas, tips and suggestions.


73! Charles, KC8VWM


Charles would be happy answered to questions about antenna design provided at the article: kc8vwm at yahoo dot com

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