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ANTENTOP- 01- 2017 # 021

Stealth Antennas for Amateur Radio



2. Solar Powered Light Pole Antenna:

With advancements in low cost solar powered portable L.E.D. lighting technologies now available, It’s easy to employ portable security lighting anywhere on your property without the need for any additional electrical work and you will have no ongoing electricity costs. Similar in concept to installing antennas in restricted communities, a solar light is ideal for situations where lighting may be restricted or challenging to install. Radio opaque poles with low cost solar powered light fixtures attached on them can be installed virtually anywhere for an added sense of security and can be specifically designed and adapted for your radio operating needs.

If a big signal on 20m is your objective, try properly spacing and co phasing two security lights.



Figure 2

Solar Energy Light Pole


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3. Satellite TV Dish Antenna:

People will often throw these away so there free for the taking in many cases. These make an excellent prop for installing a ham radio antenna because people are used to the idea of homes using satellite dishes so seeing one installed in the backyard is not unusual.



Figure 3

Satellite Dish Pole


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To start the antenna installation, place a 10 foot steel pole in the ground with a satellite dish mounted on top at the furthest point of the property in the backyard such as along the fence line. Run a “feed line” from any corner of the house extending over the back yard running to this satellite dish. The “feed line” is actually not a feedline at all. Rather it’s an End Fed Zep" wire antenna which is now supported by a TV satellite dish pole. Good DX!

If any neighbor asks why the “satellite dish feed line” is extended over the backyard to the dish mounted on the pole, simply explain that running it along the ground means it would get all tangled up in the lawnmower. All you need to do at this point is simply observe the dumbfounded look on their face as such an explanation makes perfect sense. That is, if they should even bother to ask at all. This design should work well for many hours of SSTV viewing enjoyment or the operation of any other mode for that matter.

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