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ANTENTOP- 01- 2017 # 021

Stealth Antennas for Amateur Radio



5. Purple Martin Birdhouse Antenna:

Not so uncommon is the ground mounted vertical wire antenna design installed inside PVC pipe. In this case, the PVC pipe holds up the birdhouse. If installing two antenna’s are better than one, you may choose to install a separate horizontal antenna using "guy" wires to support the PVC pole. It is these so called supports that hold up the birdhouse pole that we will use as an actual inverted V antenna system. If you should ever be questioned about its existence, be sure to babble on about how much you love bird watching. I would suggest you break out a bird species identification book and start flipping through pages while showing them pictures of birds. I would even start emulating a few bird call sounds during the conversation just for fun. For example, making dove bird call sounds into your closed hands will be particularly humorous. Observe how quickly they will go away and never bring up the “birdhouse” subject ever again.


6. Fishing Rod Prop antenna:

This is just a simple 20 foot crappie pole propped up against the house, patio, fence, deck or on a balcony etc.



Figure 6

Fishing Poles


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Figure 5

Bird house


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To disguise your antenna, you simply surround the bottom of the crappie pole with an old fishing tackle box, portable cooler and fishing net to provide your new stealth antenna with maximized visual effect. Of course, only you will know the black "fishing line" on the pole “is” actually the wire used for this vertical antenna design. Multiband operation can be achieved simply by installing a remote antenna tuner or matching network hidden inside the cooler which is placed beside the antenna.


Feel free to install a real nice fishing lure and hook on the end of your antenna too as I suspect this design will catch the really big fish in the DX pileups.


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