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ANTENTOP- 01- 2017 # 021

Stealth Antennas for Amateur Radio



7. The Tire Swing Vertical

Figure 7

Tire Swing


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This is simply a regular rope and tire hanging down from a high location in the tree.



Go ahead and attach the rope to a small tire so it just looks and functions like an ordinary tire swing. Try to locate the tire close to the ground as your feedline will need to enter through a hole drilled into the bottom of the tire and connect to your vertical antenna wire.


The vertical antenna wire should be the same color as the rope if possible (black rope and wire is a good choice). The antenna should be somewhat woven into the rope strands before installation. A matching network or remote antenna tuner can be built right into the tire itself if desired. Don't forget to bury some radials below the ground around the tire swing vertical and use bury flex feed line running to the house. This design is particularly effective if you have a 30’ tree and are seeking to install a long vertical monopole antenna for operating in the 40m and 80m frequency range but it also works well in others.

Now stand back, take a good look at the tire swing hanging from the tree in the backyard and please tell me where the “antenna” is located exactly?


8. The Badminton Net Antenna.

The dipole is weaved into the netting. The feed line connects to the center of the dipole antenna which is built directly into the net. Feedline goes directly into the ground below. (The feed line can run on the inside one of the metal rod supports to hide it.) Alternatively, an inverted V antenna is used as supports for the poles.


Figure 8 Badminton Net

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