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Mystery of the Broom Antenna

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2007, # 009

Mystery of the Broom Antenna


However, through several weeks I could not catch static at the electroscope. It is obvious antenna insulators catch dirty from the Moscow air and could not keep high static voltage across itself.



Mihail Lomonosov (17111765)


3. Current from the Air


Broom Antenna connected to antenna terminal of old radio as usual has ground potential because almost any old radio has coupling inductor where one end is connected to antenna and other end is connected to the ground. BA is placed near 10-15 meters above the ground where the air has potential compare the ground near + 2,000 Volts. So, from wires of the broom a small ions current is flow. The more wires in the broom, the more current go in to antenna wire. The more space occupancy wires of the antenna the more current go in to the antenna. The more sharpener are ends of wire of the broom, the more current in the antenna.


So, the current in the antenna direct depend from:


  1. Numbers of the wire in the broom;
  2. Angle between center line and wires;
  3. Sharpener of the ends of the wire.



Georg Rihman 1711- 1753







Rihman's Electroscope


A-    Wooden Strip

B-    Flax Tread

C-    Scale



Page 36


31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38



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