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Mystery of the Broom Antenna

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2007, # 009

Mystery of the Broom Antenna





V. T. Polaykov, RA3AAE, Ph. D in technical science


Well known in Russia broom antenna has some mysterious property. What is the property- the puzzle try to solve Vladimir Polaykov.





1. History of the Broom Antenna (BA)


Broom Antenna has been well known in the USSR from old times. I have a Russian amateurs magazine from 1935 [1] with description of the antenna. "The antenna is made from a bunch of lengths of wires. There are used wires by 23 centimeters long. Narrow end of the bunch is inserted to an porcelain insulator. Wires in the bunch had angle in 15 degree from the center. A copper wire 15 meters long is going from the bunch to a receiver." I cannot do scan for the figure from the magazine because its bad condition. However I pictured it possible to close to the original figure. Figure 1 shows the design of the broom antenna. The antenna was conveniently for the times because it needs only one mast for its installation.


V. T. Polaykov, RA3AAE




A witch usually used a Broom like a modern Jet

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