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Mystery of the Broom Antenna

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2007, # 009

Mystery of the Broom Antenna


Sometimes the antenna was installed at a chimney, so no any mast was required. Up to our times the antenna is used for the radio reception (References [2, 3]).

Figure 1 Design of the broom antenna


(Note by I. G.: I had a book published at 1922 in Moscow where BA was described. However, at the book the antenna had a Reference back to 1916 year. It is a pity that I cannot take with me the old book in Canada. It is need to have a permission for any book older then 50 years to take the book abroad of Russia. It is not easy to obtain such permission, so lots old books were lived by me at Russia... Figure 01 shows a broom antenna from a book published at 1938 (original scan from book by A. P. Gorshkov "Handbook of Radio Amateur: Questions and Answers", published in 1938 in Moscow)


See also at horizontal antenna, competitor for the BA (Figure 02, original scan from the [01]. The horizontal antenna was mostly popular at the 30s.)


At the magazine was written that an US company "Central Equipment Ltd" produced the Broom Antenna. Wire going from the broom to a receiver was thoroughly insulated from walls with special insulators. Inside room the wire go through a special ebonite tube. It is pay attention the very careful isolation of the antenna wire from the nearest objects. A special grounding kit was included to the antenna.




Figure 01 Broom antenna from a book published at 1938





Figure 02 Horizontal Antenna

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