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Antenna Theory



Linear Wire Antennas - Dipoles and Monopoles : by Prof. Natalia K.Nikolova

Dear friends, I would like to give to you an interesting and reliable antenna theory. Hours searching in the web gave me lots theoretical information about antennas. Really, at first I did not know what information to chose for ANTENTOP.

Now I want to present to you one more very interesting Lecture - it is Linear Wire Antennas - Dipoles and Monopoles
Small electric dipole antenna. Finite-length dipoles. Half-wavelength dipole. Method of images - revision. Vertical infinitesimal dipole above a conducting plane. Monopoles. Horizontal infinitesimal dipole above a
conducting plane.




HF Antenna Practice




Spreadiong Antennas of Stationary Radio Communication Base : by V. Filippov

Spreading and Undeground Antennas are widely used at Stationary Radio Communication Bases of Russian military. Some of such old antennas were described at Reference 1.

The article is described another Russian military Spreading Antennas- BAZA- 500D and BAZA- 1500D. The antennas are used until recent days. Article is published with unimportant cutting.


35- 37






Old CDs in Ten Band Antenna : by: N. Filenko, UA9XBI

When I has took the CDs in hands I at once has known what I do with it. Of course, it would be dipole Nadenenko! (See References 1) and the CDs would be form its shape!









Field Antenna for FT- 817: by: Vladislav Merkulov, UU9JEW

I am going to try my FT- 817 from field conditions so I need a field antenna for my FT- 817. I have found proper antenna ATX-1080 at the internet, but… The first, it costs more the 100 evro (it is too much for me), and second, it is hard to order this one from Ukraine. So I decided to do the same antenna by myself.

39- 40









Field Antenna for the 40 meters: by: Igor Lavrushov, UA6HJQ

Before my QRP- pedition I have searched for an effective field antenna for 40 meters. I need antenna which can radiate both as vertical as horizon wave, which does not need antenna tuner and the same time which could be a resonant antenna. I have found such antenna. This one is designed by G3XAP. The antenna works well at my mountain QRP- pedition.


41- 44










The Wonderful Beverage Antenna: by: Igor Grigorov, UA3ZNW

- What antenna do you use?
- A Beverage antenna.
- A Beverage antenna? What is it?
- Well, it is just a very, very long wire…
(From lots QSOs EK1NWB)



45- 49









Indoor Helical Antenna for the 20 and 17 meters for K1: by: Igor Grigorov, VA3ZNW

So, my K-1 with 40, 30, 20 and 17 meters bands was successfully assembled and tuned. This one requires an antenna to go to the Air. Certainly, an antenna is a simple thing if… if you live in a private house. But I live in a multistorey apartment building (made from concrete) with huge restrictions on installation of antennas. The result of these restrictions is those, that I can install an antenna only at a window. Good sign is that in mine apartment the windows are big sized- 150 to 210 centimeters.

50- 52











Experiments with the VHF Magnetic Loop: by: Igor Grigorov, rk3zk

Some experiments on use of theVHF magloop were made at the 2- meters band. Just some descriptions and ideas.

53- 54








2x GI- 7B PA: by: A. B. Marchenko, UA0CT

PA with two Russian tubes GI-7B does linear amplification CW and SSB. PA implemented on the circuit with grounded grid.

55- 56




Homebrew QRP Equipment








Experimental CW QRP Transceiver Mosquito 20m: by: A. Dolinin, UA9LAK/UN7

Just Simple CW Transceiver...

57- 60







Radio Signals out of Our Times : by: Igor Grigorov, VA3ZNW

In our material world sometimes there are events, which are not correspond to ours knowledge about the world. For example, there are evidences that things and live beings could be come down through the times. That is interesting, the objects can came down through the times in one place and time and come back at another place and time.

However, if large material bodies could come down through the times, why radio wave can not? I shall tell- can. Below I give a list that phenomenon.


61- 65








Mysterious Cases of Absorption of Radio Waves: : by: V. Polyakov, RA3AAE

I have read the article "Black Spot in the Air" (AntenTop #1 2003). I would like to add to the article my information about others mysterious cases. For one case I was an eye-witness.


66- 68





Free e- book









Ideas and Projects for QRP

It is the first e-book published on the base of AntenTop articles. Book contains 12 chapters (one Supplementary), hams from 12 countries share with you by their experience.

The book is a compilation of articles congenial to QRP published on 2003- 2005 years at free e- magazine AntenTop

Book weights 17 Mb, so, it may take time to download. Anyway you may download all stuff from the book separately using input "Back Issues" or "Open Book" at AntenTop home page.

Of course, the book will be interesting for all amateurs, not only for QRP- funs.




69- 70








Radio Jamming in the Soviet Union, Poland and others East European Countries: by: By: Rimantas Pleikys

A specially emitted radio interference is classified into radio communication jamming and radio broadcasting jamming. The first occasions of jamming of military radio telegraph were recorded back in the beginning of the 20th century. Germany and Russia were the first to engage in jamming back then. The jamming signal most frequently consisted of co-channel characters. It was until the early thirties, when the first cases of jamming of radio broadcasting were recorded. In the late 20's Berlin started to jam the programs of Radio Komintern. In 1931 the USSR jammed the Romanian radio, in 1934 Austria jammed the German radio. The Lithuanian language broadcasts of the Vatican radio were jammed by the USSR in 1940.

71- 81






History of RU- QRP- C: By: Oleg Borodin, RV3GM

The idea of creation of a QRP-club has arisen in 1986, and it belongs to Andrey Fomenko, UA3EAC. The first list of the members of the U-QRP- C was consisted of two tens calls, most of them were close friends of UA3EAC. At the times Andrey, UA3EAC, has offered to use the code "72".

82- 86







Russian Ham Licence for 1995

Just a copy of Russian Ham Licence (RK3ZK).

The form was used in USSR/Russia from 1982 (may be and from early time)- til 1996 year (at some regions for later times)

87- 88











Russian Ham Licence for 2003

Just a copy of Russian Ham Licence (RK3ZK)

The form I have got in 2003




89- 90





Useful Data




Russian Bipolar Transistors for Transmitters

It is possible to find bipolar transistors from ex- USSR for very faire price. However, data for the transistors are not to easy find. Here is given data for lots ex- USSR bipolar transistors for transmitters.


91- 93








Russian/International Field Transistors for


It is possible to find field transistors from ex- USSR for very faire price. However, data for the transistors not to easy find. Here is given data and international analog for lots ex- USSR field transistors for transmitters/Invertors. Also here is given data for some widespread international field power transistors.


94- 96





Wave kHz/ Meters m

Sometimes it needs to do transfer amateurs frequencies to meters. Tables below allow to do it fast and clearly.


97- 98





Gordiev's knots: by Veniamin Goldobin

Just knots which can be useful in amateur life...

99- 100



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