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Ideas and Projects for QRP

Published by free e- magazine AntenTop

It is the first e-book published on the base of AntenTop articles. Book contains 12 chapters (one Supplementary), hams from 12 countries share with you by their experience.

The book is a compilation of articles congenial to QRP published on 2003- 2005 years at free e- magazine AntenTop

Book weights 17 Mb, so, it may take time to download. Anyway you may download all stuff from the book separately using input "Back Issues" or "Open Book" at AntenTop home page.

Of course, the book will be interesting for all amateurs, not only for QRP- funs.

Below you can see the Contents of the book and path to download.

PDF file, 130 KB (ANTENTOP-01-2006, pages: 69- 70)

Download PDF File!

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Ideas and Prpjects for QRP


Contents for AntenTop 01- 2006






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