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The Wireless Power Transmission System

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ANTENTOP- 02- 2003, # 003

The Wireless Power Transmission System


The published version of the talk illustrates a setup for illuminating the bulbs closely resembling the transmission configuration. (See Figure 2)




As he described it the evacuated bulbs were place between the electrodes:

... when we excite luminosity in exhausted tubes the effect is due to the rapidly alternating electrostatic potential;

… the medium is harmonically strained and released.[5]

He also noted:

…It might be thought that electrostatic effects are unsuited for such action at a distance. It is true that electrostatic effects diminish nearly with the cube of distance from the coil, whereas electromagnetic inductive effects diminish simply with distance. But when we establish an electro- static field of force, the condition is very different, for then, instead of the differential effect of both the terminals, we get their conjoint effect.[6]

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