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GNOMIK- 80-M QRP- transciever

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ANTENTOP- 02- 2003, # 003

MICRO-80- 80-M QRPp XTAL Trabsceiver


Credit Line: My first Station: SPRAT, The journal of the G- QRP-C, #112, pp.: 4-7.



And some info about RU-QRP-C




RU-QRP Club has organized 1'st August 2002 under the initiative Oleg V. Borodin RV3GM/QRP. By the purpose of creation of Club is the association the Radio Amateurs interested by communications on the small power equipment; propagation of operation on QRP in the purposes of reduction of mutual interferences, study of propagation radio waves, boosting of skill operations in a drain ether; the help initial to the Radio Amateurs in study the RX & TX equipment and antennas, rules of operation in a drain ether; an exchange by experience and hardening friendly between the Radio Amateurs of World Wide.


The member of Club can become any Amateur interested QRP having the license. For this purpose it is necessary to send to address Club or on to E-mail announcement the any shape with the indicating first name, middle initial, last name, callsign, address E-mails, post address. Briefly to tell about achievement in QRP. It is desirable to point age, experience of operation in drain ether and whenever possible to affix in aspect of files of a format *.jpg interesting photos for a photoalbum. At an entrance to Club necessarily it is required to give datas on the achievements on QRP. Such datas is statistics on wkd/cfm QRP DXCC and 2-way QRP DXCC (separately on sorts of CW, SSB, Digital and per Bands). See special blank on the link "Join to the Club" at the site. Each member of Club receives unique Member's number.


In Club is present library with a collection technical literature on to different aspects QRP. And also the subscription to journals of International QRP of Clubs: QRP Quaterly, SPRAT, OK-QRP etc. Club is submitted on constantly International Internet - Forums QRP-L, QRPp-I, G-QRP, OK-QRP. RU-QRP Club is an associative member of World QRP Federation (W.Q.F.)


On all questions, coupled with activity of Club, with by the offers on improvement Club operations, with the interesting projects welcome to the address: P.O. Box 229, Lipetsk, 398043, Russia (for the answer apply the SASE) or by E-mail

RU-QRP Club's Chairman Oleg V. Borodin

72! de RV3GM


Club have a good cooperations with QRP-Clubs of other countries: QRP-ARCI, G-QRP, QRPp-I, Hawaii-QRP, Maryland Milliwatt, UR-QRP, OK-QRP etc.

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