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GNOMIK- 80-M QRP- transciever

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ANTENTOP- 02- 2003, # 003

GNOMIK- 80-M QRP- transciever






The goal of this project is to provide to Amateur Radio beginners with a working QRPp CW transceiver that they build and learning the knowledge of transmitting and receiving equipment on the most of popular HF band 80 m.


This "Gnomik " transceiver contains two separate units: direct conversion receiver (RX) based on modified DC receiver designed by Vlad Polyakov RA3AAE and transmission unit (PA) based on standard scheme frequency-doubler and amplifier. The RX's heterodyne operate on a half of receiving frequency.


Schemes (example)



For the first time "Gnomik" was designed at 1986 year by Oleg RV3GM after he has experimented with RA3AAE DC receiver. Oleg updated receiver with transmission unit and after some modifications "Gnomik "was ready. There are some QSO's from Oleg's Log Book he has operated with "Gnomik":





Output power of transceiver is 500 mW approximately. Sensitivity of receiver is about 2 uV. Antenna's impedance 50 Ohm. "Gnomik" powered by stabilized DC power supply unit 12:13,8 V @ 150 mA max. current (positive to "ground").





Optionally, you may insert to "Gnomik" some modifications: RIT, side-tone, digital frequency meter,

output RF meter, S-meter, Antenna Tuning Unit. That's fine! How you like! But don't forget, that the major advantage of direct conversion QRPp equipment is it's simplicity! 72 and good luck!

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