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Two Helical Antennas for 160 meter Band

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2017 # 021

Two Helical Antennas for 160 meter Band




Figure 3

Balun and RF- Choke of the Helical Antenna


Antenna was tested in the Air. I found that SWR began to float through some times at 100 W going to antenna. However at 50 W going to antenna everything was OK. So I used to only 50 W with the helical antenna. I was very satisfied with the antenna. I did the SSB QSO on 160 and 80 meter (without the antenna I may work on the bands only CW or digital) with Europe and Hawaii. 40 and 30 meter bands as well were excellent.

Second Design of the Helical Antenna

Why was the second design coming? Was the first design of the Helical Antenna work bad? No, the first design was great. However a strong Canadian wind in March 2017 broke the antenna. I decided restore this one. Figure 4 shows the second version.


The second version of the Helical Antenna was a little differs from the first one. It was used new fishing rod in 6 meter length. I used four sections of the Fiberglass tubes for the antenna mast. Along the mast it was wound 40 meters wire. It was used the same wire in diameter of 14- AWG. Gap between the turns on the mast was roughly equal to diameter of the fishing rod/mast where the wire was wound. Antenna was installed on the front yard of my house. Metal net in 240 square feet (24 square meters) was used for the ground of the antenna.

Feeding of the antenna was the same as for the First Design. Figure 5 shows the antenna on the front yard. Figure 6 shows how the two wire line is going from antenna to the wall of my house. Figure 7 shows the two wire line on the wall of my house together with Balun and RF Choke.



Figure 5

Second Version of the Helical Antenna on the Front Yard



Figure 6

Two Wire Line going from Helical Antenna to the Wall of my House

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