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Discone Antenna for the 2- meter Band

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2012, # 016

Discone Antenna for the 2- meter Band



by V. Bataev

Credit Line: Radio # 8, 1958, pp.:34, 37

Antenna was designed for the 2- meter Band. The antenna combined the all advantages of the discone antenna with the simplicity of the design.

Discone antenna has radiated at a small angle in the vertical plane. At the horizon plane the antenna has round directivity. Figure 1 shows diagram directivity of the antenna in the vertical plane. Figure 2 shows design of the antenna. Antenna has aluminum disk at the top. Cone of the antenna made of from eight aluminum tubes. Lower ends of the tubes connected with each other with help of a thin copper tube.

Disk of the antenna item 1 made from aluminum plate with thickness 1.5- mm. It has outer diameter 370-mm and inner hole in diameter 9- mm. Cone item 3 made from aluminum. Design of the cone is shown in Figure 3. Cone item 3 has 16 side holes to fasten the cone wires item 4. Three holes are at the upper plane to fasten plastic or porcelain insulator item 2.


Radio # 8, 1958

The Cover

Two holes are in the cone "leg" to fasten metal tube item 9. The tube is discone antenna support structure.

Then the tube is fastened to an antenna mast (not shown in the figure). Cone wires item 4 made of from aluminum tube in diameter 8- mm and length 74- mm.

Upper part of the tube is flattened out then two holes (there are for fastening the wires to the cone) in diameter 4.5- mm are drilled in the part.


Bronze bushing item 20 is installed in to lower end of the cone wire. The bushing has side hole for copper tube item 21 that connected all cone wires to each other. Stopper screw item 22 holds the tube in nonmoving position. The tube item 21 connected the wires item 4 in circle by diameter 370- mm.



Figure 1 Diagram Directivity in the Vertical Plane of the Discone Antenna

Round rod item 5 made of from brass in diameter 5- mm and length 14- cm. The rod item 5 is centered with help of insulator item 2 and porcelain cone item 7.

The rod is inserted into porcelain tube item 6. Nuts item 8 and item 17 are at two ends of the rod. At the lower end the rod item 5 has hole where center conductor item 10 of a coaxial cable item 11 inserted and soldered.



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