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Practical Photos for P.A. on Tube GU-43B

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2010, # 012

Practical Photos for P.A. on Tube GU-43B


Photo # 3


Photo # 3. Plate Choke is at the front. I made my Plate Choke from high- Ohmic (manganin) wire in silk insulation. The Choke was wound 2x 0.33- manganin wire. It has R= 18.3- Ohm , L= 34.5- microH. Two capacitors 3300- pF x 3300- V are installed at “cold” end of the choke. Near the tube socket  is Red capacitor 0.01-microF. Input RF is going through the capacitor.

Photo #4. Here is shown assembled RF- Part of the PA. Front Panel is attached to the bottom by L- parts. Bottom and Front Panel are aluminum plate in 4- mm thick. Fan here is only for the time tuning of the PA. At the ready design the fan is at rear panel. The fan is blown inside the box.


Photo #4

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