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Rectangular UB5UG

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2008, # 010

Rectangular UB5UG



By: Yuri Medinets, UB5UG, Kiev


Credit Line: Radio #7, 1963, p.20

Rectangular shown at Figure 1 has good parameters and not so sensitive to height (that is very important for low amateurs HF-ranges) compare with dipole. Upper horizon wire is broken by a nut insulator at it's center. Due to a small height the antenna is suitable for 80- and 40-meters Band. However, it should not be any high objects near the antenna (that do "shadow" to the antenna). Distance between low wire and roof or ground may be several tens centimeters.

Input impedance of the antenna may depend on installation conditions. Matching of the antenna with the feeder provides by choice of a feeding point at low horizon wire. At corner feeding the antenna has input impedance near 30-40-Ohms. The more far the feeding point from the corner is- the more input impedance (up to several thousands Ohms) would be. Feeder is going along antenna wires then from the middle of a vertical side the feeder is going aside (to any direction). For good symmetrical it is desirable to connect the braid of the coaxial with antenna.

Radiation parts at the antenna are the vertical sides. For increasing of the efficiency of the Rectangular the sides should be made from aluminum tubes in diameter 10- 20-mm. Horizon sides of the antenna provide very low radiation (because the currents distribution at the antenna), so, they could be made from antenna wire in diameter of 1-2 mm. Figure 2 shows the currents distribution at the Rectangular (made by MMANA).

Rectangular antenna has gain near 2- 3 dBi, pass- band (at SWR 1.5:1.0) near 2% from the center frequency.

Yuri Medinets


Credit Line:

Figure 2 Currents distribution at the Rectangular.

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