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Atmospheric Current: Practical Experiments

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2008, # 010

Atmospheric Current: Practical Experiments


Recently I have repeated these experiments to find the top frequency of the discharge generation. I switched on in the circuit of a discharge needle, (also I have tried a small broom made from thin wires) different LC- circuits. It was easy to obtain generation at 1-MHz. But I managed to get generation up to 5-MHz. However, I believe it is possible to get generation above 5-MHz.



The Broom Antenna was tested with a detector receiver. This receiver with a LW antenna (12- meters, 45° above the ground) provided 1.5-V across a high-ohmic phones (day time, broadcasting Russian radio station Mayak, 549 –kHz, the station was located at 28-km from my Broom Antenna). Vertical Broom Antenna (that was described above) provided 4.5-V across the high-ohmic phones. I do not insist that it was caused by “amplification” of the Broom Antenna, but… No any fluctuations at receiving were detected with the Broom Antenna.


To prove the efficiency of the Broom Antenna more experimenters are needed to do. Very useful would be experimenters with receiving very weak signals- nano and pico- Watts in power. However it needs to use at the experimenters receivers with high-resistance antenna input because the Broom Antenna has extremely high output resistance- may be Giga and ever Tera- Ohm.


Be Careful! Experimenters with high-ohmic antennas that may do ionization of the air are extremely dangerous at any (and especially at storm) weather. Any experimenters with the Broom Antenna you are doing at your own risk!





4.”Singing” quiet discharge: Radio, 2001, #7, p.55





Thomas Townsend BROWN



Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky


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Thomas Townsend BROWN



Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky


Broadcasting Russian Radio Station Mayak

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