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History of RU- QRP- C

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

History of RU- QRP- C



Continue Note I. G.: Inflations inside the ex- USSR countries was horrific. Thing, that cost 1 ruble in 1991in Russia, cost 100 rubles in 1992 and 500 rubles in 1994. In others countries inflation was higher then in Russia. I turn in a millionaire when I came to some countries of the former USSR. To pay for some expensive goods (TV, VCR or furniture) need people bring a bag full of money. Was destroyed postal service as between ex- USSR countries as well as with international countries. Sergey and my money as well as ours efforts could not save U- QRP- C from destroying. Later, in 1995, I lost touch with Sergey. I do not know where and how he is at recently times.


Fortunately the situation in the Russia, the biggest country of the USSR, has changed (compare to 1991- 1996) to 2000 year. People begin earn more money, internet turn (from reach people tool) to available recourse for lots simple people. So, Oleg, RV3GM, the first elected president of the U- QRP- C, has tried to make Russian QRP club at the beginning of 2002. He has managed!


UA3ZNW at homebrew station. 1991


Different Bank Note- the same purchasing power at 1991, 1992, 1994





1 ruble= 1 bottle of beer at 1991

1 coupon= 1 bottle of beer at 1991


100 rubles= 1 bottle of beer at the end of 1992

100 coupons= 1 bottle of beer at the end of 1992

500 rubles= 1 bottle of beer at 1994

10000 coupons= 1 bottle of beer at 1994

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