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History of RU- QRP- C

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

History of RU- QRP- C


By a fluke Oleg at the time become acquainted with G3RJV, the President of the G-QRP- C. G3RJV did great help to Oleg in his first step as the President of the U- QRP- C. Was made the club-law of the U- QRP- C and the club was registered in the USSR in 1988. In that year the U- QRP- C begun to print own info- list QRP- QTC, later the list was renamed in to "CQ-QRP." In 1988 Oleg by G-QRP Club has applied to World QRP Federation (WQF) with the offer to use the code "72" as a wish of successes in QRP at QRP QSO. This offer was discussed by other QRP-clubs and this code 72 was accepted to use in the QRP world.


Emblem of U- QRP- C, 1990


Mihail Gorbachev

The first (and the last) president of the USSR

In 1989 the U- QRP- C has organized the first QRP-expedition of the Club to a border "Europe Asia." The special call was received- EK3QRP. Members of U- QRP- C came from Sverdlovsk, Vladivostok, Kamchatka, Zhitomir to take part in the pedition. The expedition was fine organized by Alexey Trushkov, (ex UW9CX). The pedition was placed on the mountain Volchiha, 523 meters under sea level. Lots interesting QRP- QSO with all continents were made.

Unfortunately, soon came times of disintegration of the Soviet Union. Since beginning of the 1991 it was very hard times for all people in the USSR. Oleg could not be a president due hard circumstances. So in 1990 Sergey Pichurichkin from Saransk was elected as the president of the U- QRP- C. However, in the nearest future after destroying the USSR in 1991after putsch the U- QRP- C slowly died.

Note I. G.: I had met with Sergey in Moscow in 1992, we had discussed lots question about U- QRP- C, about the further development of the U- QRP- C. We have taken several important decisions that could be to U- QRP- C help to grow and strength. Alas, the USSR was destroyed, every small country (ever small region, town or a village) from the former USSR wants to have own QRP- club. Of course, it was only good wishes, but to ensue the U- QRP- C (as the ex- USSR club) was destroyed, but no new strong QRP clubs were created in the land of former USSR at the times.


72 at 2- Way QRP QSL Card

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