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Spreading Antennas of Stationary Radio Communication Bases

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

Spreading Antennas of SRCB





Figure 1 Spreading Antenna BAZA 500D


Length for items 4, 6, 8 is 8 meter. It takes no more the 5 minutes to install the BAZA- 500D. Isolation between points a- a and b- b is near 20 dB. So it is possible point a- a use for receiving and b- b use for transmitting equipment (or visa versa). Gain of the SA is 0.05 travelling-wave factor lower the 0.4. Antenna can be used both as for NVI as well for far communication up to 1000 km.


BAZA 1500D: The SA consists of for antennas BAZA- 500D. The SA works at on 2.5- 15 MHz at communication to a middle distance. Figure 2 shows the design of BAZA 1500D. Coaxial cable is shown as a line.


For simultaneously communication in two opposite sectors BAZA 1500D has two independent feeders (item 7 and 8). Gain of the SA is 0.2 travelling- wave factor lower the 0.4.



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