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4-Ovals Antenna for 430- 440 -MHz

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

4-Ovals Antenna for 430- 440 -MHz


Figure 2


Antenna has weight of 900 gram. SWR is: at 430-MHz =1.2:1, at 435-MHz =1:1, at 440-MHz=1.3:1 SWR was metered by device SWR-121. If you will use boom


made of iron L-plate having not the same dimensions you would do correction lengths of antenna elements. I want to pay attention, that the antenna is more laborious than YAGI, but it work much better.


Igor, UA6HJQ,



When an antenna is intended for mountains it must follow such additional requirements as:

1.    Light weight.

2.    To have folding design and to take a little place in a backpack.

3.   Antenna should be conveniently to hold in a hand, to fasten to a tree or stick. .

4.    Tolerance to a dirty, water and snow.

5.       Possibility to repair in field conditions.


So, the boom of the trip antenna is made of a wooden

strip drying by oil. Perimeter of all ovals is increased on 20-mm compare to previous design. All struts are made from un- foiled PC-board.   Antenna elements are made of 2-mm diameter soft copper wire (# 12 AWG). Soldered parts must be protected from the weather.


Antenna has weight 400 gram.  Other characteristics are as the previous design has. The antenna is tested at 1997 and at 2000 in the mountain  Elbrus and the antenna shows good result. I made QSOs in distance of 200-300 kms with 59 for both ends!



Igor, UA6HJG, on Elbrus


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