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Research and Education

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

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Tales and Technicals

Welcome to the "Tales and Technicals" CDROM!

This index of the CDROM contains the complete set of selections from my notebooks, called Tales and Technicals as of the date of release. Simply click on the underlined crimson title to reach the main index. The index will lead you to specific entries or to subsidiary index pages. Every entry will lead you back in one or two steps to the main index.

Besides a few notes on the history of radio work and some other semi-technical oddities, the collection contains information of interest to radio amateurs and professionals interested in antennas, antenna modeling, and related subjects, such as antenna tuners and impedance matching. My notebooks are geared to helping other radio amateurs and antenna enthusiasts discover what I have managed to uncover over the years--and then to go well beyond to new discoveries.

The data in the collection of Tales and Technicals may be used for personal purposes by anyone who visits my site or uses this CDROM. However, it may not be reproduced for publication in print or any other medium without permission of the author. Permission is ordinarily automatic upon request by amateur radio, SWL, and other non-profit groups.

My site will continue to grow with time. For the very latest entries, visit http://www.cebik.com

L. B. Cebik         1434 High Mesa Drive         Knoxville, TN 37938-4443         U.S.A         Tel:  865-938-6335        mailto:cebik@utk.edu

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