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ANTENTOP is FREE e- magazine, made in PDF, devoted to antennas and amateur radio. Everyone may share his experience with others hams on the pages. Your opinions and articles are published without any changes, as I know, every your word has the mean.

Every issue of ANTENTOP would be contained at least 100 pages.

I do not know what a term for one issue would be taken, may be 12 month or so.

In overall the PDF Files for one issue of ANTENTOP would be hold nearly 10... 30-MB .

A little note, I am not native English, so, of course, there are some sentence and grammatical mistakes there… Please, be indulgent!

Publishing: If you have something for share with your friends, and if you want to do it FREE, just send me an email. Also, if you want to offer for publishing any stuff from your website, you are welcome!

Copyright: Here, at ANTENTOP, we just follow traditions of FREE flow of information in our great radio hobby around the world. A whole issue of ANTENTOP may be photocopied, printed, pasted onto websites. We don't want to control this process. It comes from all of us, and thus it belongs to all of us. This doesn't mean that there are no copyrights. There is! Any work is copyrighted by the author. All rights to a particular work are reserved by the author. ..

Copyright Note: Dear friends, please, note, I respect Copyright. Always, when I want to use some stuff for ANTENTOP, I ask owners about it. But… sometimes my efforts are failed. I have some very interesting stuff from closed websites, but I can not go to touch with their owners… as well as I have no response on some my emails from some authors and owners.

I do not know, why the owners do not response me. Are they still alive? Do their companys are a bankrupt? Or do they move anywhere? Where they are eventually?

I have a big collection of pictures, I have got the pictures in others way, from FREE websites, from commercial CDs, intended for FREE using, and so on... I use to the pictures (and seldom, some stuff from closed websites) in ANTENTOP. If the owners still are alive and have the right, please, contact with me, I immediately remove any Copyright stuff, or, necessary references will be made there.


Business Advertising: ANTENTOP is not a commercial magazine. Authors and I (Igor Grigorov, the editor of the magazine) do not receive any profit from the issue. But off course, I do not mention from commercial ads in ANTENTOP. It allows me to do the magazine in most great way, allows to pay some money for authors to compensate their hard work.

So, if you want to put a commercial advertisement in ANTENTOP, please contact with me. A commercial advertisement will do ANTENTOP even greater interesting and various!

Contact: Just email me or drop a letter.

igor.grigorov at

NB: Please, use only plain text and mark email subject as: igor_ant. I receive lots spam and viruses, so, I delete ALL unknown me messages without reading.

Your opinion is important for me, so, contact if you want to say something!


And, of course, tradition approach to ANY stuff of the magazine:


All the information you find at AntenTop website are only for educational and/or private use! I and/or authors of the AntenTop e- magazine are not responsible for everything including disasters/deaths coming from the usage of the data/info given at AntenTop website.

You use all these information of your own risk.



73! Igor Grigorov, VA3ZNW

ex: UA3-117-386, UA3ZNW, UA3ZNW/UA1N, UZ3ZK, RK3ZK





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