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My friends a new book from AntenTop Magazine is before you. The book is named Antenna Manuscript and devoted, of course, to antennas. You might ask me, OK, there are lots books on antennas around, why this new one is published and who needs the book…

Well, by the way it is not a real book. As you can see the title it is a Manuscript. It is like a notebook where lovely schematics are redrawn by a ham.

Many of old timers still remember the golden days of Radio when there were no internet and printers and only printed magazines were circulated. At the times lots of amateurs had thick notebook with schematics and sketches that were drawn by hand from some magazines, books and just from rag conversation on the amateurs Bands. The notebook also kept some photos with ham schematics and letters from other hams with describing of antennas, ham equipment and pages with rules of the nearest contests… All time the photos, letters, pages fell down from the notebook… and they are lost under the table… it was not funny but it was real ham life. This notebook was the most valuable source of information in the shack.

So before you it is the same old notebook. It is not a Super Book with formulas and tons information. It is not a textbook. It is just a variant of old good notebook with informal information on antennas that may be useful for all amateurs. All of the information was taken from AntenTop Magazine and included practical designs proved by others amateurs. Because of the modern technologies I do not redraw the schematics from the site I just used my computer to create this notebook. Because of the modern technologies I may share the notebook, the Antenna Manuscript, with you and with the all amateurs over the World.

Antenna manuscript is a special amateur book. You may open this one on any page and begin reading. Magic of antennas enchanted you. It is just like a reading of a detective book. You will find antenna design that you would like to do or just ideas about antennas suitable for your location. Antenna Manuscript helps you find antenna for apartment, for cottage, for small townhouse and a separately house, gives ideas on expedition antennas. There are only described simple antennas that are not required lots experience in tuning, costly tools, hardware stuff or costly control equipment. Anyway the Antenna Manuscript helps you go in the Air from almost any conditions. Antenna Manuscript is one more brick in your antenna fundament.


In conclusion: always all books from the AntenTop Magazine are free. You may download the Antenna Manuscript to your computer and share the book with fellow amateurs. You may print the Antenna Manuscript if you like it. I have loaded the Antenna Manuscript to Amazon so you may get printed version of the book for good price. Small amount from the book will go to support . Thanks to all who ordered the Antenna Manuscript.


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