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Ham Radio has been a birthplace for and nurtured many important inventions and discoveries. I have participated in some of those and benefited from others over the last 55 years that I have held the call W5QJR. Although I have previously presented new concepts to Hams (including the Antenna Noise Bridge in 1967 and the Small High Efficiency Loop Antenna in 1984), I now have the privilege and opportunity to present one more, one that will benefit every Ham.

I trust in EH antennas! by Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK

I carried out many experiments with CFA- EH antennas, well, not all my experiments were successful, but some of these experiments have forced me to trust in opportunities of CFA- EH antennas. I hope, that I be able to finish my experimenters with the antennas up to level when I could publish my work not being afraid that I will undergo to severe criticism. But now I want give you some examples of CFA- EH antennas in ex- USSR Military Forces.

PDF file, 560 KB (ANTENTOP-01-2003, pp.: 14- 22)



Does the tank have a EH-antenna?





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