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EARTH ACUPUNCTURE: Feedback on the problem…

I think, that our planet, the Earth, has specific spots, which are almost identically to acupuncture spots placed on a human body. I called them "White Spots", "Black Spots" and "Inverse Spots". We have a good radio transmitting or receiving in White Spots, very bad radio transmitting or receiving in Black Spots, and we have some strange things in Inverse Spots. I guess, that many of hams do not agree with me. They say, "The propagation of radio waves obeys only to known laws. Okey, I do not want to argue with the hams, I only want to show my FEEDBACK. But, before the FEEDBACK, I want to tell once more my observation of the unusual effect, called EARTH ACUPUNCTURE.


PDF file, 810 KB (ANTENTOP 01-2003, pp.: 63- 70)


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