Table of Contents for Free Antentop Amateur Open Book

Antenna Theory






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Antenna Installations: Fact and Fiction

Broadband High Frequency Sky- Wave Antenna

Current Distribution in the Antenna Loading Coils

Multi Frequency Band Antenna

Multirange Vertical Antennas. HF

Plasma Antenna Technology. UHF

The Three L-Antennas

Top Load at Vertical Antennas



Antenna Lectures by: Prof. Natalia K. Nikolova


Antenna Noise Temperature and System Signal-to Noise Ratio

Aperture Antennas - Part I

Aperture Antennas - Part II

Basic Methods in Antenna Measurements

Friis Transmission Equation and the Radar Range Equation

Fundamental Antenna Parameters

Ground and/or feedline independent resonant feed device for coupling antennas and the likes


Polarization and Related Antenna Parameters

Radiation from Infinitesimal (Elementary) Sources

Reflector Antennas

Dipole/Monopole Feeds

Smith Chart








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