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Superloop receiving antenna for 136-kHz: by Peter Dodd, G3LDO

About a year ago I made a receiving loop for 136kHz using computer ribbon cable housed in plastic waste pipe. It wasn't very successful. It would appear that the low Q caused by the construction of the ribbon cable was the problem. I have since made the G3LNP loop although I had difficulties with the amplifier. I finished up using a low impedance pick-up loop without theamplifier - this worked reasonably well but it did lack sensitivity. I decided to redesign the plastic waste pipe special because if its inherent weather resistant structure

Measuring the earth resistance of an LF-antenna system: by Dick Rollema, PAOSE

There were some requests for info on the way I measured the earth resistance of my antenna system. In 1988 ….

The First Russian LF expedition: by Ed, RU6LA

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G3LDO Reseiving Loop for 136 kHz.

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