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Black Holes in the Air

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2016 # 020

Black Holes in the Air




Igor Grigorov, VA3ZNW



Article about Black Holes in the Air was published in Antentop Magazine As I mentioned there I did not observe Black Holes in the Air. At those times I say no. Times lasts.

…It happened in March- 2013. I do not remember exactly day because my paper about the observation was lost at one of my moving. Anyway I remember hour when it happened. It was at 21.00.

I went to my shack and turned on a computer (to do some routine). Straight away I turned on my lovely tube receiver HALICRAFTERS S- 85. (I have a habit to listen receiver when I do some work.) At that time the receiver was tuned to 640- kHz, I listen to Coast – to- Coast Radio. So, I turned on receiver to listen the radio. However several minutes past but receiver was silent.


I turned frequency dial around all MW Band. There was only a noise no any station. I switched MW Band to SW one. It was the same story- roar and noise, no stations on the bands. I thought that something wrong happened with the receiver or my antennas. I turned on my transceiver IC-718. It was no reception on HF- Bands. I pressed transmit and checked SWR on the HF bands. SWR was ok. FSM (I used MFJ- 801) as well showed that everything okay.

At that times I used Helical HF Antenna (Helical Antenna for the 20- meter Band,


and L- HF Antenna (Simple Broadband Antenna for the 40- meter Band,


Now I use to a Beverage Antenna at my ham station VA3ZNW. What is interesting I discovered significant improvement of reception during a heavy snowfall, snow with rain, and at light rain. This effect was observed at evening and night time (because usually I do not hamming at day- I am at my work). At the weather the noise in the Air drops down and propagation to Europe go up at 160, 80 and 40- meter Bands. This effect does not connect with solar conditions. When weather would improve the propagation disappeared. It does not connect with Black Holes, just observation…



73! VA3ZNW



I went outdoor check antennas. There was very strong mist. Antennas visually were okay. I returned to shack and turned on VHF FM Receiver. Yes, I can hear FM stations however with some strange distortions. Cable TV and Internet worked well. I tried to found some information on the phenomena in the internet. Only found that there were solar flares. While I went around and checked internet the HALICRAFTERS began to be alive. Something from far I began hear stations, through several minutes reception on MW and HF-Bands was as usual.



What I observed at that day- it was almost full blackout on MW and HF for near 40- minutes.




Helical Antenna in Winter Time

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