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UA6AGW Antenna V. 20-10.51 (14.0- 29.5- MHz)

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2016 # 020

UA6AGW Antenna V. 20-10.51 (14.0- 29.5- MHz)




Aleksandr Grachev, UA6AGW

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UA6AGW Antenna V. 20-10.51 can work in frequency range from 14.0 to 29.5 MHz that is covered 20. 17, 15, 12 and 10- meter amateur Bands. This is provided by tuning the antenna in resonance to the used band with help of a remote- control variable capacitor installed at the antenna. UA6AGW Antenna V. 20-10.51 is designed for easy and quick installation in the field. Figure 1 shows schematic diagram of the antenna.




At the end of the all it was designed Universal Field Antenna. The antenna may be installed at any open place in the forest, on the mountain, on the shore as well at a small boat or truck. Antenna may be installed by force of one man. Antenna could stand storm weather.



Figure 1   Schematic diagram of the UA6AGW Antenna V. 20-10.51



Schematic diagram of the UA6AGW Antenna V. 20-10.51 is the same as for previously published UA6AGW omnidirectional antennas (Reference 1). Figure 1 shows dimensions for the range of 18.0- 29.0- MHz. For lower edge of the working range - 14.0- 18.0- MHz the horizontal wires placed under antenna should be extended to 3- meter length and additional capacitor should be switched in bridge to C2.   


Design of the Antenna


To be compatible for transportation in the car it was set up some limitation factors when the Antenna was designed.

1.     Length of any part of the antenna should not be more the 2 meter length.

2.     Diameter of the loop should not be more the 1 meter.

3.     DD of the antenna in the horizontal plane should be circular.

Antenna was mounted on the sectional plastic mast in 6- meter height. Each section is in 2- meter length. Figure 2 shows the UA6AGW Antenna V. 20-10.51 on the mast. The antenna mast does not required guys.


The mast is a commercial made one 8- meter height plastic mast named “Mast 8-2U” that is produced by R- QUAD (Reference 2). There are used only 3 sections (from 4 sections for 8- meter height) for 6- meter height. Mast stays vertically and firmly with help of two struts. Figure 3 shows the mast in vertical position. The struts fastened to the ground with help of a metal peg. Figure 4 shows strut fastened to the ground.


Main loop of the antenna made of 1/2 inch corrugated coaxial cable. Outer plastic was removed. For protection from weather conditions it was used snap- up plastic tube for electrical wires.  Horizontal wires were made from telescopic pair of aluminum tubes.

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