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Soviet Legendary HF Receiver KUB- 4

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2013 # 017

Soviet Legendary HF Receiver KUB- 4



The regenerative HF receiver was designed by a group of ham radio in the Leningrad Central Radio Laboratory in the 1929. It was in the group: B. Guk, S. Briman, A. Kershakov and B. Dobrozhansky. The group was called in Russian “Korotkovolnovaya Udarnaya Brigada”, or, in English translation: “HF high-extensive work team”. So, the receiver was named KUB- 4. Digit “4” means that just four tubes there were used in the receiver. Actually, there were used five tubes but the fifth one was used as a high-ohmic variable resistor.



The prototype of the receiver was a regenerative HF Receiver designed by B. Dobrozhansky in 1928- 1929 years. At the times Armstrong still held patent on his superheterodyne so lots countries produced regenerative receivers for all purposes- for military, navy and civil application. Figure 1 shows the receiver KUB- 4. Figure 2 shows schematic of the receiver KUB- 4.


The receiver KUB- 4 was produced since 1930 till 1942 in the Leningrad, at the Kozitsky Radio Plant. Figure 3 shows a Label of the receiver KUB- 4. The receiver had five bands that could cover the frequencies 1.5… 30.0- MHz (some receivers had the upper band a little lover or a little higher the 30.0- MHz). The needed band was chosen with the help of plug- in inductors. Unused inductors were placed in a separate box or fixed to the upper cover inside of the receiver. Such design had the own advantages and disadvantages... The receiver KUB-4 had weight 8.0- kg and dimensions 500 x 143 x 180- mm. Power battery with +120- V for plate, +40- V for the second grid, + 4-V for heater and – 2- V for the first grid was required for the receiver.



Figure 1A Receiver KUB- 4

Front View






Figure 1A Receiver KUB- 4

Inside View






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