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QRPP/QRP Transceiver by UB5UG

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2009, # 011

QRPP/QRP Transceiver by UB5UG


Figure 2 PA for QRPP Transceiver


All inductors were coiled on ferrite rings (permeability 30, OD- 7-mm,  ID- 4-mm, H- 2-mm) by wire dia 0.27-mm (29-AWG).

L1: 2+ 22 turns

L2: 1 turn

L3: 12 turns

L4: 2x3 turns

L5: 4 turns


VD1: Germanium small power detector diode

VD2: Silicon small power high speed switch diode

VD3: Germanium mixer diode


VT1: Small power RF Transistor, Fmax- 250- MHz, Pmax- 250-mWtt

VT2, VT3: Any small power high gain transistors

VT5, VT6: Middle power RF Transistors, Fmax- 250- MHz, Pmax- 2.0-Wtt


BF1: High ohmic (more the 1000- Ohms) head-phone


X1: Connector for straight key





Military Russian Radio-Operators

Page 79


78 79



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