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Transceiver SQT: by Igor Grigorov, ua3znw

Transceiver SQT (Semiconductor Quartz Transceiver) firstly was described at book "QRP Transceivers and PAs from Accessible Parts." The book (in Russian) is at Antentop Free Library. The article is English translation of the Russian one.

Shortly about SQT:

DC CW Transceiver, X- tall VFO, VFO range up to 20 kHz (depenfs on used crystal), 50-Ohms Antenna, head-phone RX with sensetivity near 1- micro-Volt, Power Supply is 12-V, RF out is near 1-Wtts, any HF- amateur band or 2-3 amateur band (options, depends on used crystal), made on transistors.


PDF file, 1.45 MB (ANTENTOP-01-2008, pp.: 80- 93)

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