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Long Delay Echoes

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2007, # 009

Long Delay Echoes






LDE... Several articles on LDE were published at Antentop (use google search engine to find all articles at the site). Evidence of different people from different countries shows that LDE is not a myth, LDE is the reality.


Subject "LDE" at was appeared at hot summer 2007. Lots interesting commentaries were at the topic. Some of the replies (thanks for courteously permission of the authors) were pasted here. Next ball to reality of the LDE







Posted: July 09 2007,08:21

I also experienced an LDE while working for the US government, in the mid 1960s.  It was on CW.  

It was only a portion of a regular one-minute long transmission we made, automatically, on a guard frequency.  Our guard sent one minute of CW then one minute of monitoring.  We monitored simultaneously four different HF frequencies, on speaker monitor, as we were often away from the operating console.

Following one of the one-minute transmissions, a few seconds after it stopped, part of that transmission was repeated back, but since I was not at the console I do not know on which receiver it was heard.  At the time we were monitoring frequencies at 6, 10, 13, and 18 mhz.  My guess would be the 13 mhz frequency, but it is only a guess.

The duration of the echo was only about 10-12 seconds, not a complete retransmission.  It had no fade.  It was on frequency, so was not shifted by any Doppler.

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