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ANTENTOP- 01- 2007, # 009

Circle Antenna


By Simuhin Aleksandr, RA3ARN (


How is it happened that I did the antenna? Propagation on the 10 meter band pushed me to do the antenna. Propagation was coming, but I had not any antenna at my cottage. I really need an antenna. I have red at a text book that antenna having shape like a circle has a good characteristics. So, I decided to do a Circle Antenna and went to a local Home - Repair store for stuff for the antenna


I have found what I was looking for. I bought cheapest plastic tube for cold water, however, inside the plastic it was a metal tube in thick near 0.6 mm. I have bought 11 meters for 7 USD.


Installation of the antenna was a very simple matter. I did the tube straight, in the center of the tube I did a hole, with help of a screw I attached the tube to the highest point of my wooden cottage.






Then I shaped the tube in a circle, did several holes on the tube, with help screws did fastened the tube to the wooden wall of my cottage. That is all! Antenna is ready.


An one- meter length of a 50- Ohms Coaxial Cable was attached between the antenna and ATU from an old military Russian radio R- 130M. With help the ATU I managed to get the SWR 1:1 at all amateur HF- bands, from 10 t0 160 meters.



Lots interesting DX QSOs were made on the upper HF bands. I was surprised how the antenna was working on the 160 meter band. I had QSOs with almost all former region of the USSR at the 160 meters.


Of course, the antenna is not perfect but it allowed me work well from my country cottage and had lots fun.


73 and DX! Simuhin Aleksandr, RA3ARN (


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