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RAEM/mm Is My Callsign: by Ernst Krenkel, RAEM. (Translated in English by G4AYO

The last voyage of E.T. Krenkel - a voyage to the Antarctic Circle, took place in 1968. He headed a voyage of the scientific-research vessel Professor Zubov, which was bound for the shores of Antarctica to relieve its staff of winterers found there, and also for oceanographic research.
Below we publish extracts from the diary of E.T. Krenkel, which he kept during the voyage on the Zubov. He was a gifted narrator, graphic, with apt language in which were no trite sentences or clumsy wording. Ernst Teodorovich appears before us as a very ordinary man who with boyish ardour is concerned with his daily watch on the air for radio amateurs.

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Printed on back of the Postcard: "Krenkel standing next the sleigh with the radio station before the going to Tayimir (February 19, 1938)." Photo by Chalip. Arctic exploration, Soviet, revolution, socialist, transportation. Grade II





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