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The Wonderful Beverage Antenna

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

The Wonderful Beverage Antenna



Permission to use callsign UN1/UA3ZNW

The Beverage on the Air: At 2.00 a.m. EK1NWB began the operation on the Air. 160, 80, 40 meters- at all of the bands we had received good RS in both sides. Morning came, came opening at 20, 15 and 10 meters. Again, we had received good RS in both sides. The Beverage worked well, worked despite of open expressed scepticism of some members of the DX- expedition.

Comparison of Real Antennas with the Beverage: Later we had installed "Real" HF- antennas, it were double squares for 20-15-10 -meters, a vertical for 10- 40-m, two I.V. for 80 and 160-m. Some members of the expedition believed that the antennas did the trick.


Kizhi. Inside of the main tent. 02.00 am, July 28, 1991


But... through some times, it was happened, we had noticed that very often the Beverage worked better the "Real" antennas. It was impossible to explain however lots members of the pedition preferred the Beverage rather than the good antennas. I do not know, why the Beverage could beat such efficiency antennas, may be it is effect of the North propagation...

End of the Beverage: In a week, at light polar night, UV3VJ had cut off counterpoises for 80 and 40 meters from the Beverage. He had explained that he needs the wire for inclined dipoles for 30 and 17 meters. Well that, inclined dipoles made by him were good done and had SWR 1:1. But only nobody answered on these good dipoles. We continued to use for 30 and 17 meters the Beverage. The useless dipoles were swing by wind and gave us feed for evening discussion- Why the dipoles do not work at all but the Beverage works fine.

Installation of the Square for 10- 15- 20-meters

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